Our Mission

To help people with an interest or passion in music to experience the creative joy of expression and mastery by providing specialised instrument services.

Brend Bunte

Founder of Gourley Music

Brend is the heartbeat of everything that happens at Gourley Music. He has a passion for musical instruments. His love for music and his Associate Degree in Precision Engineering/Tool Making, makes a brilliant combination for maintaining and making musical instruments. Brend loves helping people and he’s found the perfect avenue. Customer service and satisfaction is always front of mind for Brend.

The Legacy of Gourley Music

Brend cared for his grandparents in their latter years. They encouraged him with his guitar making and gave him the capital to start his Musical Instrument Business. Brend’s Grandmother had a great love for her father Harry Gourley (Brend’s great grandfather) who taught at a technical college in Essendon. In honour of his grandparents and to incorporate Harry’s spirit into every working day, Brend’s business came to life as Gourley Music.

Brend with Alex da Costa