Guitar Services

Set-up & Restringing

We can optimise the guitar to suit your playing style

Repairs & Restoration

We can repair damage, restore your guitar or other string instruments

Pick-up Installations

We can custom fit a pick-up to your guitar

Custom Built Guitars

We custom build acoustic and classical guitars


Set-up & Restringing

Is your guitar hard to play, or losing its tune?

Are you having intonation issues?

Do you have tone or volume problems in your electric guitar?

Are you hearing a buzz in your guitar?


We can optimise the guitar to suit your playing style.

We can re-level or replace the frets, clean and apply fresh coat of oil.

Talk to us about how we can help with any problems you are experiencing, or if just want us to give your guitar a once over

Repairs & Restorations

Does your guitar have a crack in the soundboard?

Is the bridge starting to lift?

Is the fretboard worn, lifting or chipped?


From major damage to minor damage, or if your guitar is just looking a little worn, get in touch with us and we can talk you through the options.

Pick-up Install

Have an acoustic guitar that you want to plug in to an amplifier?

Do you want to connect your guitar to recording tech/software?


There are many options to suit your playing preferences, get in touch to discuss how we can help you.

We can talk you through the pros and cons of the pick-up options on the market.

Custom Built Guitars

Want a specific sounding or a particular sized guitar? We handcraft guitars from personally selected timbers to create a guitar custom built for you. Priding ourselves on using Australian tonewoods such as; Fiddle Back Blackwood, Black Heart Sassafras, Tiger Mirtle, She Oak, King Billy Pine and many more.

Prices vary per instrument, depending on things such as wood, hardware, and finish. Contact Brend for a custom quote

Build your own Guitar?

We offer 12 day acoustic guitar building courses, the 12 days can be spread out over 12 weeks or 2-3 weeks depending on your commitments and the availability of our experienced luthiers.

Our guitar building courses are perfect for beginners. You need no prior experience, and from the novice woodcutter to the vastly experienced builder.


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