Piano Services

Piano Tuning

We can tune your upright, player or grand piano

Piano Regulation

We can complete mechanical adjustments to improve the play-ability of the piano

Piano Voicing

We can improve the tonality and bring warmth back into the pianos sound


Advice and Apraisals

We can Independently evaluate any piano and provide you with a report


Piano Tuning

Regular tuning of your piano keeps it at the same pitch as the music you hear and the piano you play at lessons or concerts.

Pianos are stringed musical instruments, string tension varies with temperature, humidity, and changes in location.


Tuning is recommended at least once a year, and after any change of your piano’s location.

We tune all types of pianos in all settings, whether it be your personal in home piano or at a music school.

Piano Regulation

Regulating your piano corrects the playing mechanism malfunctions and allows your piano to operate musically without any distractions to the player.

There are over 8000 moving parts within a piano, slight misalignment of one part can impact another part causing a disruption with the play-ability of your piano.


Regulation is recommended at least once every 5 years, to maintain the internal functionality of your piano.

Regular maintenance can forestall any developing long term problems within the piano action and correct existing issues for the pianist.

Piano Voicing

Voicing softens hammer felts and allows warmth back into the pianos sound.

After repeated playing of the piano, hammer felt becomes dense and rigid, creating quite a harsh key tone.


Voicing of your piano can depend on how much it is played and felt condition, it is recommended that voicing is done after a tune and regulation.

A piano’s voice is the tone created through the combination of the instruments individual musical quality and hammer felt texture.

Advice & Appraisals

We can independently evaluate any piano and provide you with a verbal and/or written report about the piano. Letting you know how much the piano is worth and why!

Piano Appraisal serves the purposes of obtaining reasonable valuation, a few common reasons for appraisal:

  • you want to sell your piano
  • to provide a market value to your insurer
  • to report cost of repairs for an insurance claim
  • you are looking to buy a second hand or new piano

Our evaluation includes a document with a checklist regarding condition of all major components. A summary and valuation is offered. It is important to know that an appraised value is based on professional opinion and is not intended to be definitive.

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